Mr. Alligood is a partner with the law firm of Broad and Cassel. He has negotiated and closed billions of dollars of equity and debt financing and purchases and sales of assets and ownership interests in numerous types of companies. He has completed transactions with many private equity firms, including the sale of one his family’s businesses. Randy has also negotiated and closed many different types of transactions including: workouts between owners, between companies and their lenders and/or investors, sales of ownership interests between existing owners and numerous private placements of debt and equity.

Mr. Alligood is an investor in small and large companies. Mr. Alligood understands development, promotion, growth and transition. Through out his career he has successfully brought order out of chaos,  analyzed the options,  set a path to the desired result and crossed the goal line.

He has demonstrated an ability to work well with in house and independent company counsel to accomplish company goals. He does not assume to be the lawyer for the company in play.

Mr. Alligood can lead or follow, or some of both, as necessary to get the job done.

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